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If you wish to play an active role in sustainable energy technology development, OMS offers three flexible options for everyone.



A supporter is someone who wishes to show support, but for one reason or another cannot offer his/her active participation or investment of funds and resources.

    What You Need To Do

SIMPLE! There are several easy steps you can take to show your support:

  • Become a fan of OMS on Facebook.
  • Join our Linked-In OMS group.
  • Keep up with the OMS News Blog.
  • Watch OMS on YouTube.



The Entrepreneur is the innovator, the implementer, the individual who actively directs the efforts of OMS. He or she is one of the quintessential elements for OMS to succeed in its technical mission. The strongest need is for those with engineering, science, and hands-on technical backgrounds, who will actively direct and develop the technology associated with each OMS project. While an entrepreneur might choose to invest personal funds and resources to the OMS projects, the most valuable contribution will be his/her hard work and dedication.

The entrepreneur often has the intention of building up OMS projects to become sources of sustainable wealth. You join OMS as an entrepreneur to establish and build a relationship leading toward that end.

    What You Need To Do

CONTACT US so we can explore how OMS might help you accomplish your entrepreneurial goals in sustainability technology.



The Investor is someone who wishes to allocate funds and resources toward the mission of OMS, often with the intent of building equity. The Investor understands that sustainability is not just about saving trees, becoming energy-independent, or about reducing CO2 emissions. Rather, its about ensuring a sustainable growth for our future and for our posterity. The Investor knows that the best measure of success is by a growth in equity, and he/she invests in OMS with the prospect not only of advancing sustainability, but of building wealth.

    What You Need To Do

CONTACT US so we can explore how OMS might help you accomplish your investment goals in sustainability technology.

These options are not absolute: you can just as well be a supporter AND an entrepreneur, or any other combination. If you have any questions, or would like further information, please CONTACT US.