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September 30, 2011

Project: Boil the Ocean, Status Upate

Hope you enjoyed the summer! Project: Boil the Ocean continues to take strides:OMS Logo

  • Planning an OMS R&D center to be located in the Greater Cleveland area. It will include, among other features: solar power, energy-efficient design, rainwater collection, and a small urban garden.
  • An automation and controls software framework is currently in beta testing. Compared to available automation and controls solutions used in both research and manufacturing today, it is highly customizable and can be used for very large, complex systems.
  • Personally traveled throughout the Midwestern and Southwestern US, in search of a good location for launching BTO. A lot goes into choosing a location, and this travel helped narrow the available choices further than a simple internet search.
  • Currently testing a desalination system that will efficiently remove salts and dissolved solids from salt water. Unlike current desalination systems which dump waste brines into the sea, such technology will make possible 100 percent use of all the components in seawater, producing zero waste products, and producing fresh, clean water.

Sketch of an R&D building concept.

Multimedia associated with BTO will be on the website soon; stay tuned.

November 16, 2010

Project: Boil the Ocean Begins Development!

Example of a System Concept

Operation Mustard Seed (OMS) has begun development of Project: Boil the Ocean. This project was initiated from the results of a year-long study into the feasibility of solar thermal power as an economical source of heat energy. The results suggested that solar thermal power could be competitive with cheap, nonrenewable coal and natural gas.

More than 70 percent of our planet is covered with salt water. This water creates a delicate balance of climate and biological needs necessary for all known forms of life.

And yet, not all of mankind has access to this precious, yet seemingly abundant source of water. Even in developed countries such as the U.S., fresh water shortages occur, leading to rationing and a predicted water shortage in the future.

If just a fraction of a percent of the salt in salt water were removed, it would be possible to sustainably supply all of mankind’s needs for fresh, clean water. As an added bonus, if we could harvest salt water in a sustainable manner it would have no measurable impact on Mother Nature or her natural processes.
Meanwhile, the sun bombards us with more solar energy in one hour than the world uses in an entire year. Tapping into just a tiny fraction of a percent of this abundant, renewable resource would provide an enormous quantity of energy.

Project: Boil The Ocean will attempt to apply ingenuity and just plain hard work during the next five years to develop the enabling technologies to make possible a sustainable harvest of our vast solar energy and water resources.

For you. For me. And for the world. Operation Mustard Seed.

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