Concentrated Solar Receiver: Powerful, Efficient,… and Pricey.

Concentrator solar receiver
Concentrated solar receiver. over 35% efficient triple-junction solar cells, water cooling, gold solder joints.

This is a picture of a used concentrated solar receiver purchased on eBay at a HUGE discount of about $450. I say huge, because Azurspace, who manufactures this receiver- also called a "dense array module", sells them at a quantity cost of over $5,000. For the OMS solar concentrator to make economic sense, our target cost for the receiver- as in density array + fixtures + sensors + others - is well under $400. This was over 4 years ago today, and so far no vendors have given indication of offering concentrator receivers - or dense array modules alone- for a lower cost.

What this means for a concentrated solar designer, is that if offering lower cost solar is your objective, then you must design a lower cost receiver.